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Get Paid To Shop
By: Stacy Perez

Did you know you can make money shopping and eating at restaurants? It is true! You can get paid to have fun. It is called Mystery Shopping.

What is Mystery Shopping? Mystery Shopping is where you are an undercover customer and get paid. Companies hire Mystery Shopping companies to make sure their employees are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Have you ever went into a restaurant and the service was just horrible? Maybe the food was not prepared correctly? Maybe you went to Wal-Mart and there was garbage clutter throughout the store or even clothes off the racks. I know my Wal-Mart is this way. Companies do not know what is going on at their stores or restaurants and they need to depend on a Mystery Shopper to report what they see to them. Bad customer service equals lower profits. Obviously, good customer service equals higher profits. It benefits companies to pay Mystery Shopping companies to make sure they have good customer service.

Is Mystery Shopping a real way to make money? Yes, it is. I have heard of women making a full time income Mystery Shopping. I have not Mystery Shopped in a few months, because I recently had a baby. When I was Mystery Shopping, I did it on a part time basis.

How do you start to Mystery Shopping? When someone asks me about Mystery Shopping, I ask them if they have ever completed marketing surveys or attended focus groups. The reason why is because some Mystery Shopping companies ask. If you have never mystery shopped but have completed surveys or attended focus groups, I think it will help you on your application. When I filled out my very first Mystery Shopping application, I had completed marketing surveys, attended focus groups, and also shopped apartment complexes through my outside job at the time. This information is helpful if you have that experience.

When starting to apply with Mystery Shopping companies, I recommend only filling out a few applications at first. Why? Well companies like experience and if you fill out too many applications, some may never call you because of not having experience. That means you wasted your time. I would start off applying to a few companies and get established as a shopper. This way if companies start calling you, you wont be overwhelmed. I can tell you once you are comfortable and applying to a lot of companies, your phone will be ringing off the hook.

What is nice about being a Mystery Shopper is you are an independent contractor. An independent contractor is not employee of a company. You will not receive any benefits, vacations or sick time. The benefits of being an independent contractor is you work your own hours and you work when you want. Being an independent contractor, you will receive a 1099 at the end of the year if you made over $600.00. You do not have taxes taken out of your checks so that means you will be reporting it to the IRS.

Mystery Shoppers must be detailed, observant, neat in writing, and creative. Mystery Shopping companies have hired you to check out a store or restaurant and depend on you to provide as much information as possible. You basically, want the Mystery Shopping company to get the feeling they shopped the store or restaurant themselves.

When you get your first assignment you must read everything a couple of times. You have to make sure you know exactly what the company wants you to do and what information you must collect. If you forget to do something or forget to record something, the company may take part of the money off or not pay you at all.

When you go on the shop do not carry paper and a pen to take notes where people can see it. Last thing you want is a store or restaurant knowing you are a Mystery Shopper. You must not tell anyone at the store or restaurant you are a Mystery Shopper. It would defeat the purpose of you being there, right? When I have shopped grocery stores, I make notes on my grocery list. If I shop a restaurant, I secretly make notes under the table. If you need a stop watch to record how long you were standing in line, how long your food was served, etc.; I recommend using your cellular phone or a watch. If I am not able to secretly take notes then I immediately write everything down when I get into my car.

Now you must take your notes and complete the evaluation form. Again make sure everything is detailed and complete. Make sure you keep all your receipts. Most cases you mail the receipts to the Mystery Shopping company. If you have to mail in your evaluation forms and receipts, make sure you keep a copy for your records. I think most companies have online submission forms, take the forms by fax or take the forms by phone.

Mystery Shopping companies usually pay out on the average two to six weeks. You must give them your social security otherwise they wont pay you. They need it, incase, they issue you a 1099.

Mystery Shopping is not a get rich opportunity. It does take work and the pay is not big. If you are looking for a way to make extra, legitimate money then you may want to consider Mystery Shopping. Mystery Shopping is fun! Getting paid to eat and shop is great!

If you are interested in receiving Mystery Shopping jobs, you can subscribe by going to:
This email list gets about 30 emails a day and is moderated. We have over 6,000 Mystery Shoppers, Schedulers and Companies listed. Only jobs are posted to this email group.

ShadowShopper.com is a great resource if you are looking to have a resource where you can type in your zip code and find local jobs. Also, they will email you local jobs as they are posted. This is the FIRST site of its kind. It costs $30 a year but takes the headache out of being subscribed to many message boards. They have to charge a fee for the maintenance of the site. This is an actual company running this site. To me the fee is well worth it.

Money And Shopping is a membership site with valuable mystery shopping resources. You will receive a FREE MS ebook, detailed company info. with the links to the application pages, current job board, enter your info. in the database to receive jobs, forms you can use to organize your shops and more!! Very well made site. I have checked out the membership site and it is worth the one time membership fee.

By being a member, you will receive:

- Access to All the Best Secret Shopper Job Sources.
- Access to actual secret shopper job listings.
- FREE entry into the shopper database.
- Access to the "Shopper Wanted Ads" directly from shopping companies.
- You will also receive a free mystery shopping ebook.

Best wishes on your success!
Stacy Perez

Mystery Shopping Companies -
US and Canada Resources

MS Resources

This email list gets about 30 emails a day and is moderated. We have over 6,000 Mystery Shoppers, Schedulers and Companies listed. Only jobs are posted to this email group.

ShadowShopper.com is a great resource if you are looking to have a resource where you can type in your zip code and find local jobs. Also, they will email you local jobs as they are posted.

Money And Shopping is a membership site with valuable mystery shopping resources.

Companies That Pay You By Pay Pal --

The following are companies that will pay you much faster if you have Pay Pal. Pay Pal is a way people can email you money or you email someone else money. Pay Pal is nice because you can get your money right away and you can either have Pay Pal send you a check or transfer the money into your local bank. I just love Pay Pal.

Service Intelligence
JM Ridgeway

To sign up for PayPal for free go to:
Pay Pal

Canadian Companies --

Mystery Shop Canada - MS Board
Canadian MS Board - Get Jobs Emailed
A & M Services
ACNielsen Canada
Best Mark
Beyond Hello
Campbell, Edgar Inc.
Consumer Connection
Contemporary Research Centre - Montreal
Critique International
Customer Perspectives
Customers View
Employee Evaluators
Go Feedback
Greet America
Green Associates
ICC Decision Services
Info Telinc
Investigative Marketing Services, Ltd.
JM Ridgeway
Nationwide Integrity
Person To Person Quality
Prove Of Orlando
Pulse Back
R.I.S. Christie - The Data Collection Co.
Sales Train
Secret Shopper
Sensors Quality Management, Inc.
Quest For The Best
Rapid Chek
Retail Track
Second To None
Service Chek
Service Intelligence
Service Intelligence
Sixth Line Solutions - call 604-682-4292
Spot Check Services
Telepoll Canada Inc.
The Corporate Research Group Ltd.
Trend Source

Mystery Shopping for US, Canada, Puerto Rico --

100 Per Cent Satisfaction
A and M Business
A Closer Look
Action Research- email only or call (802) 862-4370
A Customer's Point of View
A Step Above Service Evaluations, Inc.
AB Display
Advisory Marketing
American Marketing Service
Amusement Advantage
Anchor Network- email only
Ann Michaels And Associates
Anonymous Insights
Applied Research West - call only (562) 493-1079
Ask America Market Research - call only (541) 247-0700
Ask Southern California
ATH Power
Audits And Surveys Worldwide
B. Business Solutions
Bare Associates International
Barry Leeds and Associates
Best Mark
Better Marketing Associates- BMA
Beyond Hello
Brand Marketing
Brown, Kroff, and Fried
Brown Marketing
Business Evaluation Services
Business Insights
Business Research Lab
Byers Choice
C R Market Surveys
CSD Assessment
Campbell, Edgar Inc.
Campus Consulting
Capstone Research
Cavalie Security Services
Certified Marketing Services
Check Up Marketing
Check Mark, Inc.
Checkpoint Mystery Shoppers
Cirrus Marketing Consultants
Clear Connections, Inc.
Client First Assoc.
Confero - Service Resources Group
Consumer Connection
Consumer Opinions, Inc.
Consumer Impressions, Inc.
Consumer Satisfaction Feedback
Consumer Views
Coppola Research
Corporate Research Group - Canadian Research Co.
Count on Us
Courtesy Counts
Critique International
Customer 1st
Customer Direct
Customer Perspectives
Customer Point of View
Customer's View
Danis Research International
Data Quest
David Sparks & Associates
Deception Control
Devon Hill Associates
Dian Research
Dining Detectives
EHS & Assoc.
ESP Evaluation Services
ETS Research
Elrick & Lavidge
Employee Evaluators
eMystery Shopper
Expert Shopping Professionals
Eyes in the Streets
Feedback Plus
Focus On Service
Genesis Group
Golden Resources Marketing Group
Gourmet Club
Green & Associates
Greet America
Guest Perception
Haddon Adair Group
Hilli Dunlap
Hind Sight
Hispanic Focus Unlimited
Hospitality Review
Howard Services
ICC Decision Services
Insite Loss Prevention
Instant Reply
Investigative Marketing Services
JKS Consumer Market Research
JM Ridgway
Ken-Rich Retail Group
Lasting Impressions
Leobowitz/Roher Marketing, Inc.
Lieberman Research
Mar's Surveys
Maritz Marketing Research
Market Image
Market Trends
Market Watch
Marketing Systems Unlimited
Market Search
Market Viewpoint
Mercantile Systems & Surveys
Metropark Network
Michelson & Associates
Mike's Mystery Shopper Service
Mystery Shopping 411
Mystery Shoppers
Mystery Shoppers
National Shopping Service
Nationwide Integrity Services
Mystery Shopper USA
National Shopping Network, LLC
Nationwide Integrity Services
On The Sly, Mystery Shopping
Perceptive Market Research
Performance Group - fax a letter of interest 812-838-8076
Person to Person Quality
Pinkerton Shopping Services
PMR Research
Professional Review & Operation Shoppers
Prophet Brand Strategry
Pro Shoppers
Prove of Orlando
PTM Research
Pulse Back
Quality Assessments
Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers
Quality Assurance Consultants
Quality Check
Quality Check Limited
Quality Consultants, Inc.
Quality Controlled Services
Quality Marketing
Quest for Best
Quick Test
Rapid Chek Reporting
Reality Check
Reaume Corporation
Report Co.
Restaurant Shops On-line
Retail Biz Consulting
Retail Integrated Promotions
Retail Service Evaluations
Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group
Seascape Consulting
Second To None
Secret Shopping
Sensors Quality Management
Service Check
Service Evaluation Concepts
Service Excellence Group
Service Intelligence
Service Perceptions
Service Performance Group Services
Service Probe
Service Quality Department
Service TRAC Inc.
SG Marketing Group
Shoney's Restaurants
Shop America Inc.
Shop'n Chek International
Shopper's View
Shopper's Critique
Shopper's Anonymous - call 252-753-8779
Shoppers Critique International
Shoppers, Inc.
Sights on Service
Sinclair Service Assessments
SkilCheck Services
Southwest MS
Southwest Mystery Shoppers
Sparagowski & Associates
Speedmark Information Services
Spot Checks
SpyNet - Retail Biz Consulting
Survey Center
Taylor Research
Theatrical Entertainment Services
Top Shop
Trend Source
Trilogy Services
Verifications Roberte
Welcome Acra, Inc

Stacy Perez is a successful mother making a living online. Visit: www.WAHP.com and learn how she inspires Parents to Work @ Home.

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