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Earning A Residual Income
By: Stacy Perez

Earning a residual income is, by far, the best income opportunity online or offline. Nothing compares or beats earning a residual income.

Earning a residual income is earning a set amount every month for each new member you sponsor and possibly earning a residual income several levels deep.

February 2002, my entire attitude about making money online changed. I currently make a decent income online with my websites and ezines, but I really needed to have a way of getting a steady and a set monthly income.

I started researching online and following what the big "gurus" are doing to make six figures a year. These are people making a decent income either by creating and selling informational products or participating in residual income opportunities.

When you talk about money making opportunities people say, "It's a Scam!" No, not every money making opportunity is a scam. You have to watch out for yourself and make sure you are not falling for some ridiculous scam!

Money making opportunities or business opportunities most of the time require a start up fee. Why? Because it is a home business and is your business. It takes money to make money.

With ANY residual income opportunity you will have to pay some sort of monthly fee but you are getting services in return most of the time. Look at the monthly fee as a business expense. Yes, you can write off the expense just like you report the income you receive. So really, you maybe paying a monthly fee but you can write it off at the end of the year. If you are unsure, verify with an accountant.

If you are required to pay a start up fee for any home business, make sure you are getting tangible or intangible products. This maybe a starter kit consisting of products or internet products like an autoresponder system, etc.

I have found, residual income opportunities are the way to make a serious income at home. Earning a residual income will make you more money then any work @ home job, starting your own biz, or working a home business selling products.

Working a money making opportunity is work just like any business you start. You will not get rich fast! If you put in time in your money making business, you will see the rewards and growth.

Choose a money making opportunity that you feel is for you! Check out what the opportunity offers and the compensation plan. These are important things you want to pay attention too. Also, you want to make sure it looks something people will sign up to do.

I have personally, chosen programs that, I feel, are opportunities I can promote and feel good about. The programs I currently work are ones that excite me and are easy to promote and are, in turn, producing a monthly income.

When you have chosen an opportunity that suits you, you have got to work it to make money. People will not visit your site if you are not promoting it. There is no way people will know what you are doing if you don't promote it.

Education your opportunity provides and the support of your sponsor equals a good foundation for you to make a profitable business for yourself.

You do not have to have a website to promote money making opportunities. In the future, you may decide that it would be in your best interest to start one up.

If you are going to work any money making opportunity, I strongly recommend using auto responders. Auto responders are gold to any business online. You may place ads to promote your home business and get leads. With an auto responder you will know who wanted information and you can set up to give them a response in a matter of seconds. A really good FREE autoresponder is freeautobot.com. You also want to make sure you are organized when starting a money making opportunity. Make sure you have a way of keeping track of your prospects and members. You can do this with word pad.

Help your members get members! Give them encouragement and advice. You grow if they grow!

Don't spam people (sending unsolicated email)ads or send any ads about getting rich fast. I can assure you it will wreck your business.

Most importantly, be excited about your business! If you are excited others will see your excitement and want to sign up! Make sure you study about the business so you can answer questions from prospects and new members.

If you study any money making opportunity, and follow the provided education, you will make a healthy monthly residual income!

By being part of residual income opportunities, you will see the money potential and one day you will make a really nice monthly income and not have to worry about working so hard!

Best wishes on your success!
Stacy Perez

Stacy Perez is a successful mother making a living online. Visit: www.WAHP.com and learn how she inspires Parents to Work @ Home.

Residual Income Opportunities

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My two top money making opportunities:




Empowerism is really a program everyone should sign up for. Not only do you make money from your sign ups but from their sign ups and their sign ups, etc.

Empowerism is an education website to help a new or experienced person with their own business.

I can not even tell you what is inside the membership site because it is truely unbelievable. There is so much stuff back there. I really invite you to check it out and get the FREE issue of the Empowerism magazine. Once you have seen the website and read the magazine online, you will be shocked at what the site is all about.
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