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“It’s an amazing world. You should see it!”



Do you love to travel? What excites you?


Are you longing to explore our beautifully, amazing world while walking on the warm sandy beaches with ocean waves splashing in your face, sun bathing on a cruise ship while sipping an ice cold drink?


Or would you prefer the pristine glacial air of an Alaskan cruise while taking in the breathtaking vistas?


How about a more rugged trip? Say, an African safari or a hike through a rain forest, listening to the sounds of nature chirping high above your head?


Perhaps your goal is to explore the great cities of the world while shopping, dining, and taking in museums and local fairs and festivals.


Look at all the great vacation packages at




Do you need more time freedom and financial freedom to make your travel dreams come true?


Then become a TraVerus Certified Travel Agent and earn your way to those dream vacations!


The days of the “brick and mortar” travel agency on Main Street, USA have become obsolete but you can join the ranks of those of us who are using this trend of online travel booking to your advantage. Our prices compare favorably to those big, well-known sites you see advertised everywhere.


Using your own online travel agency with TraVerus Travel (see mine at you will book your own discounted travel, complete your training in the comfort of your own home, becoming certified to assist friends and family with their travel, and earn high travel commissions. PLUS, you can generate a substantial residual income from showing others how to open their own online travel agency.



“Request More Information” at and I’ll make sure your questions are answered and help you get started on a fun and lucrative career!


“It’s an amazing world. You should see it!”







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