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"Specializing in Inspiring Parents to Work @ Home for a better life! Featuring work at home inspiration stories, business opportunities, money making opportunities, home schooling, cooking, freebies, and more!"

About WAHP


My name is Stacy Perez, and I took over ownership of WAHP on 08-07-02 and on 08-10-02 this design went live.

Michelle Cruz was the original owner of WAHP for the past 7 years. Good Luck to Michelle in her future endeavors!

About Stacy Perez:

I am a successful stay at home and work at home mother of two small children. My son, Kyler, will be 3 years old on 11-24-02; and my daughter, Angalynn, will be 1 year old on 02-19-03. I am married to Juan since March of 1994.

I worked outside my home employed as an Account's Receivable Coordinator for SBC Communications up until I went into the hospital to have my son, Kyler on 11-24-99. I did take an extended maternity leave for a year hoping that I would be working at home.

While pregnant mid 1999, I started researching working @ home. I had every determination to find a work @ home job. I didn't want someone else raising my son. I had few little jobs lined up by the time he was born, including mystery shopping.

I started realizing when my son was 4 months old that I better get on the ball and find something where I can make some serious money.

I had it set in my mind to be my own boss. I have always liked being in control when I was working outside the home.

I have to first say that by all means, my husband did not and still doesn't make enough money to support our household solely. It was either I have to work outside the home or make a living at home.

When my son was 4 months old, I had so many work @ home resources that I decided to start my own website. My goal was to help and inspire stay at home mothers into working @ home. April 2000, I launched my first website, DotComMommies.com. I knew absolutely nothing about computers and the internet. I just visited search engines and started researching starting my own website. I self taught myself everything I know today.

DotComMommies.com started getting media attention, 11-16-00. The traffic to the website and the subscriber base started increasing at a rapid pace.

March 2001, it was time for me to return to my outside employment. At this point, I was making a little more then my yearly salery. I called up my manager and told her that I would not be returning to work, because I have found a way to make a living at home.

My second website, WorkAtHomeBooks.com was intended for listing ebooks I was making.

I didn't do anything with the site until February 2002. February 2002, I had the site redesigned and really took a new outlook on making money at home. My unborn daughter inspired me to make this into a big money making website.

Angalynn was born 02-19-02 and at that time, I had the site redesigned and a handful of ebooks displayed.

I started researching and following what the "BIG" guru marketers are doing to make five figure incomes a month. I learned that information is the biggest and most popular income generator, along with, residual income programs.

I continue to put ebooks together and I sell them, but I also resell other author's ebooks. WorkAtHomeBooks.com the past several months has really proven to be a nice money maker.

August 2002, I purchased this website, WorkAtHomeParents.com.

WorkAtHomeParents.com is an established website that is about 7 years old. I was really excited about this website because I really wanted to take my ideas and put them on a new site. My DotComMommies.com is a loaded website and really didn't want to load it with more information.

WorkAtHomeParents.com is giving me the opportunitiy to inspire parents and provide resources for parents working @ home or wanting to work @ home.

As of August 2002, I have almost doubled my outside income.

What am I doing now? I am maintaining and updating all three websites DCM, WAHB, and WAHP, working on about 30 ebooks. Working on another freebie ebook and working on another ebook in hopes of getting it published. I am also working on starting my own business opportunity helping moms earn a residual income.

I am living proof that you can take your dreams or ideas and turn them into a money making business.

You don't have to have education! You can teach yourself online. There are many resources to help you.

I have been making money at home for almost 2.5 years and it has been worth every minute. I can help you with the resources I provide on the website or in the newsletters.

I wish you alot of success in making your dreams come true!

To contact me, please email: stacy@workathomeparents.com

Best Wishes!
Stacy Perez

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